Monday, February 15, 2010

Wheel work…

While I've got this thing out, I want to really clean up and be sure all parts are serviceable. The wheels were first. I removed all the brake parts and found one wheel cylinder had frozen up. I've never really understood the adjustable eccentric nut and anchor nut - mine have been frozen for years I'm sure - but they are an essential part of brake adjusting, or so the manual says.

Here's the wheel will all parts in place:

From Rear axle

Here it is with only the backing plate left in place (they are riveted on). The anchor nut (top) and eccentric nut are still in place (left). It took some heat on them to get them loose, then they got soaked in rust remover.

From Rear axle

Next off were the axle connectors to the rear springs. One came off with no trouble at all; the other is still on the axle, stuck fast. Two machine screws hold the two halves together. Lot's of old grease inside, which I wanted to clean out.

From Rear axle

Notice the metal band that anchors this part to the axle.

From Rear axle

Now that it's all apart, I need to clean up the small pieces, hone the wheel cylinders and rebuilt them, paint the backing plates with Hammertite or POR15, grease the emergency brake cables, get new brake springs, then reassemble everything to "as new" condition. One of the backing places is bent, so I have to figure out how to straighten it. I'll use anti-seize on the adjusting nuts, so hopefully I can now adjust brakes by the book for years to come.

All I need now is some warmer weather to do the painting.


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