Sunday, November 14, 2010


I got a crank for my cars at Hershey last year, but didn't get around trying it out until yesterday. The first thing I learned was that the bumper hold for it goes up, not down like I've had it for years. The 2nd thing was that you have to have the right number of spacers in your front radiator brace to allow room for the crank to get by the radiator. I knew I was short and sure enough, it won't fit the coupe. That'll be a next spring project.

Here's how the bumper should be mounted:

From 1936 Pontiac Restoration

Also, got contacted by someone about a 1937 Pontiac in Switzerland. Here's a picture. Sweet ride eh? Too bad about the incorrect chrome headlights and Packard hood ornament though.

From 1936 Pontiac Restoration


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