Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Coupe overheating

Got the coupe out this weekend for its 47th annual startup and was surprised to find it overheating in just a few miles of driving. I had the nose off before taking it out to do a few various repairs, as I have done a dozen or more times before – new spring shackles, valve adjusting, paint the block, etc. – and have never had a problem after putting it back.

It acted like a stuck thermostat, but replacing it did nothing to cure the problem. Since the water pump is fairly new and the radiator in good condition, I suspected I had air trapped somewhere in the system. Sure enough, draining the radiator and block, then slowing refilling with the engine running cured the problem.  While I was at it, I gave the system a good flushing and refilled with new antifreeze.

Next up: what's the clunking going on in the rear?  I suspect a broken spring. Always something eh?


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